Here we describe the process of handling your personal information. We gather the Personal Information (abbreviated as “PI” thereafter) for using and sharing it to help OLSP.IN operation and keep it safe (read the following details). Formally speaking, OLSP.IN acts on its own as well as through its subsidiaries. It is actually a "data controller" of all the personal information submitted by you.

Collection: All the information which is posted on OLSP is available publicly. Our servers are based in Mumbai, India. In case, you select our services then you share your personal information with us along with the consent for its transfer and storage on our servers.

Personal Information Collected (varies according to services taken)

  • Email address, computer sign-on data, financial information, physical contact information
  • Standard web log information, statistics on page views
  • Traffic to and from OLSP and Ad data via cookies
  • Users IP address, and others

Note: If you disable the cookies in your browser, then your experience of using the site might be affected.

Use: Your personal information is used for:

  • Providing our services
  • Collecting fees
  • Communicating the promotional and marketing offers to our patrons
  • Encouraging safe trading, and Enforcing policies of OLSP.IN
  • Measures the user's curiosity in our services
  • Personalizing user's experiences
  • Resolving disputes, and Troubleshooting problems
  • Updating users regarding our services and related updates

We also use your information for other things, which are clearly stated during the stage of information collection.


  • Every information / data contained by OLSP is considered as strictly confidential. Also, OLSP never discloses or shares any such information to or with any external resource.
  • 'User's Privacy' is the most critical factor for us. At any time, we do not and will not share (it includes selling or renting) your PI to any 3rd party without the explicit consent of the concerned user.
  • We can disclose your personal information (under complete and proper authority) to our regulators, Governmental or law enforcing agencies.
  • OLSP also reserves the right for using the information in case of any judicial process or investigation which may be related to fraud of any nature.
  • For enforcing our policies, we may disclose the PI. The same is applicable in case a claim is made that your posting and related content is in violation of someone else right, safety or property.
  • We can share your PI with:  

                       1. Service Providers assisting us in conducting our business

                      2. The Corporate Affiliates, who are assisting us in preventing and/or detecting potentially illegal acts as well as providing the joint services (The corporate affiliates are only allowed to market to users, who specially ask them to)

  • Google and other 3rd party vendors make use of cookies for serving the ads on the basis of user's previous visits to the website.
  • Also, Google uses “DoubleClick cookie” which allows it and its partners to provide ads to your users, strictly depending on the frequency of website visit on the Internet.
  • You can visit the Ads Settings area for opting out of the “DoubleClick cookie” use for interest-based advertising.

Using Information from OLSP:

The personal information which is acquired from OLSP can used for following up with the other users regarding a definitive posting. It cannot be used for sending phishing mails or spams or for collecting personal data from some individual who does not complies with the agreement terms.

Access, Modification, and Deletion:

Simply go to your “Account Status Page” or “Review Your post” to view, modify or delete your personal information. In case you wish to do modifications on information, which is stored but not available on OLSP, then you can contact our customer support at

These kind of request may have some cost associated with it, but rest assure the amount will never surpass the limits cited by the law. For the previously description aim, we delete the PI when it no longer required by us. The PI is retained in conformation to the law, for the resolving of disputes, implementing our policies and preventing negative influences from returning.

Data Security:

We are dedicated to ensure security of data / information related to your personal details against disclosure and unauthorized access. Regrettably, there is not any data transmission, that can be guaranteed to be fully safeguarded, on the Internet. Hence, while we try to safeguard all such data, we cannot warranty the security of data shared between you and OLSP; it is done at your own risk.

If we receive your PI and take it in our possession, then we implement and follow suitable steps to protect it from loss and misuse; also from unauthorized access, disclosure or modification.

Confidentiality of Information:

Users who use one or more options on OLSP agree & settle for the fact that are updated completely by OLSP that the use of services could result in publication, to any or all users of OLSP, of any personal data published by them while taking benefit of any specific feature on OLSP. Moving ahead, the users abide the fact that the authenticity of, as well as consequences of the posting of personal data related to themselves or someone else, are the sole obligation of the user.

As a user, you also agree and accept that every term of “Privacy Policy” is germane to the use of each and every feature, whether a new or an existing one. Nonetheless, as a User you also abide to the fact that privateness or privacy of the data posted on OLSP features is waived by you of these features, by yourself.


We could upgrade, update, modify (partly &/or amply) this privacy policy at any point of time, wherein the updates will take effect after 30 days or on your next post, whichever is earlier. In case of an acquisition or merger amidst our corporate affiliates, we can share users PI which some other company, although our Privacy Policy will still apply. If you have any questions, then mail at